About Festival



International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults "In Clouds" presents the newest trends of European cinema. 

Our main objective is the popularization of film knowledge and promotion of unconventional, independent cinema created both for the young people and adults. We strongly believe that good films for children can be also a kind of inspiration and a source of intellectual discoveries for every other age group.

During the second edition of the Festival we are going to present:

- dozens of full-lenght films from all over the world

- films for viewers between three and 18 years of age (adults are also welcome)

- animations and family films

- small and large film trips to Europe, Asia, America and Australia

- various film series

Accompanying events:

- concerts, film and art workshops, the board games design course

- competition for film announcers

- voting for the best film of the Festival which will be honored with the Audience Award.