The Warsaw Film Foundation (Fundacja Filmowa Warszawa) undertakes various actions in order to promote film education all year long (running Film Discussion Clubs and movie theatres, organizing workshops). As a part of the task, the applicant plan on organizing a series of associated workshops. 

Film education initiatives:

- Film Discussion Clubs

As a part of this project, the Warsaw Film Foundation plans to run a yearlong film activity inspired by Film Discussion Clubs. The Foundation ran and is still running its own Film Discussion Clubs where it develops a large-scale educational activity.


I. Documentary Cinema Series

II. Organizational support of the DKF Celuloid, a Film Discussion Club associating students from the Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw.

III. Prohibition and its social effects

IV. Crimes associated with intolerance and discrimination

VI. Meaning of resocialization – the good and the bad in humans

VIII. School violence

The “Cine Latino” series started in 2010

The goal of the series of meetings “Cine Latino” is to familiarize viewers with cinematography of Hispanic countries, such as Spain, Portugal or Latin American countries. The series organized in the cinema Etnokino has been quite successful among new audience, who begins to discover our cinema, and much appreciated by our habitués.

Our monthly meetings comprise of film screenings and lectures on particular movies and issues it brought up. Lectures are usually accompanied by a tasting of culinary specialties of presented regions. During our meetings we bring up modern social, cultural and country-specific issues. The goal of these meetings is to promote Hispanic cinema and popularise Hispanic film culture in a setting that makes the everyday life of people from these parts of the world more familiar.

The project is co-organized by a Spanish Language School Machina Edukacji in Warsaw and with support of the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and the Arthouse Cinemas Network.

Film education for the youngest:

The Foundation is the organizer of the Academy for Kids (Akademia Dzieciom) at the Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec (classes for the youngest ones are a part of festival’s program)

In addition, the Warsaw Film Foundation collaborates with Vivarto Sp. z o.o. – the only Polish distributor specializing in children’s films – rating films Vivarto wants to market in Poland. The applicant keeps a dedicated Facebook fanpage – Filmy dla dzieci (Movies for Kids) – where it presents movies of high artistic and educational values.

The Foundation is also responsible for elaborating educational materials for all the films marketed by Vivarto sp. Z o.o. in Poland.

Organisation of the team

Joanna Swacha (organization manager) – has been present in the broadly defined film industry for years. She used to be a promotion specialist for the International Film Festival “Crossroads of Europe”. She’s been working as the promotions and marketing manager for the Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec for 7 years. She’s not only responsible for standard promotional and marketing strategies, but also for arranging the budget for the realisation of the project. She gained experience working in media and cultural institutions. She worked as the promotions and marketing manager for the Akademickie Centrum Kultury (Academic Cultural Center) UMCS “Chatka Żaka”. She spent 5 years working for the Academic Radio “Centrum” where she hosted i.e. two cultural programmes. She also wrote for Gazeta Wyborcza Lublin. From 2008 ro 2011, she taught methodolgy on the Faculty of Humanities at UMCS in Lublin. Mastermind and author of the study programme for the film specialty at UMCS. Founder and board member of the Foundation of Innovative Practices “Off-Akademia”, created to promote alternative methods of academic education. Mastermind and coordinator of the Lublin’s Days of Alternative History (Lubelskie Dni Historii Alternatywnej). Author of a chapter on marketing in a all-Poland textbook for the social economic entities. Since 2012, she’s been choosing foreign films to be marketed in Poland for Vivart and Art House companies. She also worked in film production: i.e. on behalf of the executive producer, she was responsible for the making of the movie „Biec w stronę Ty” directed by Hanka Brulińska. Since 2009, she’s been organizing (coordinating and arranging financing) the Film Culture Workshop in Zwierzyniec and other educational projects (i.e. „Swój-obcy-inny” project with Singer’s Society in Biłgoraj i Józefów; “Ukraina z bliska” in cooperation with international partners). She’s got good experience writing project applications. For years, she’s been cooperating with the following institutions: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Polish Film Institute, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, National Film Archive, Arthouse Cinemas Network, Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs, Visegrad Fund, National Audiovisual Institute, National Center for Culture, Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, Interreg, town councils and marshall’s offices, embassies and foreign cultural institutes, SWISSGRANT, UNIFRANCE, European funds – Media Desk, Creative Europe, Media Digitisation, Europa Cinemas, Media Selective, Media Automatic. Founder and chairman of Bomba Film.

Mirosław Trębowicz (content manager) - has been working in the broadly defined film industry for several years for i.e. Beverly Hills Video, Silver Screen (assistant of the manager of one of the first multiplex in Poland), Gutek Film (head of the cinematic distribution department, co-organizer of Era New Horizons Film Festival in Cieszyn ). Founder of distribution companies: Vivarto, Art-House and Aurora Films, successfully operating on the market to this day. In 8 years, these companies have screened over 350 movies, including films awarded at the biggest film festivals in the world: in Berlin, Cannes or Venice, and Academy Award winners. For years, the abovementioned companies have been consistently promoting the winners of film festivals held in Warsaw, such as: Warsaw Film Festival, Spring Film Festival and Sputnik Festival. For over 5 years, in collaboration with the Polish Film Institute, the National Film Archive and the Arthouse Cinemas Network, Vivarto, Aurora Films i Art-House, have been carrying out the biggest film revival project, showing world classics. These distributors cooperate almost exclusively with Arthouse Cinemas and Film Discussion Clubs. From 2006 to 2009, Mirosław Trębowicz ran a two-auditorium cinema „Orzeł” in Toruń (until the real estate proprietor sold it and closed down the cinema). In 2008, he founded the Warsaw Film Foundation who ran the cinema „Alchemia” in Warsaw. He’s been cooperating with the foundation “Ruchome Obrazy” and the Spring Film Festival since 2006. Member of the Foundation’s Policy Council.